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Annual Fund 2023

This year, in addition to supporting our general operating budget, your 2023 gifts will be used to establish a designated Field Trip Fund, to assist in covering the costs of these invaluable experiences for the schools who need it most.


Our popular laboratory-based field trips provide relevant, real-world problem-solving opportunities, expanding on what students are learning in school, while also providing access to equipment which is not available in a regular classroom. These visits bridge the opportunity gap and cultivate the next generation of STEM leaders, allowing students to visualize a future in STEM careers.


We believe that all students should have equal access to these transformative experiences, but many schools face financial constraints which prevent them from participating. We invite you to donate to our 2023 Annual Fund to expand student access to outstanding STEM education!

A special thank you to the donors who have contributed to our 2023 Annual Fund

Champions $5000+


Barbara Bermudez

Bob + Carolyn Dietz

Walter + Karen Loewenstern

Sarah + Dave Schrott

Voyagers $250+

Tom + Amy Bahrman

Charlotte + Scott Gilbride

Tim + Jenny Green

Paul Hutter

K&B Landscape Maintenance

Wayne Lewis

Larry + Linda Martin

Frances McCabe

Erik + Meg Merrill

Danielle Morone

Emily + Nathan Osborn

Dave + Cindy Rasmussen

Kyle Sandburg

Tad Scharpf

Hannah Specht + Henry Reich

Thomas + Stephanie Sundborg

Vernon + Kirsteen Wolf

Trailblazers $1,000+


Lauren Backes

Erin Borla

Jim + Kathy Dennis

Adam + Ali Dietz

Jason + Christy Dimmig

Dan Hobin

Harry + Laurie Hollander

Sue + Mike Hollern

James + Judi Knapp

Jim + Glenna Larsen

Louise Malone

Don + Katy Peek

Lee + Marcia Stevenson

Kathy Schwiebert + James Wakefield 

Suterra Employee Giving Program

Patricia Wallstrom

Julie Winters

Stargazers up to $100

Aaron Bartel

Cherie Blaylock

Sara Farina

Ari Halpern

Dana + Jayel Hayden

Tom + Nancy Hickmann

Scott Lustig

Matt Orr

Tina Pavelic

Lynn + John Peaks

Amanda Peoples

Denise Roberts

Sandy + Ryan Shaffer

Jeff Upton

Pioneers $500+

Pete Beeman

Gibson Biddle

Jeannie Bloome

Kristi J. Brown, Inc.

Sierra Freihoefer

Amber Greene

Don + Jane Hunt

Betsy Koehler

The Lanigan Family

John + Mary Ann McColgan

The Source Weekly

Christine + David Vernier

Weston Technology Solutions

Pathfinders $100+

Mel Bermudez

Family Farina

Rita Hansen

Ed Lachapelle

Bob + Ruth Napier

Allegra + Dylan Riley

Mehdi + Jennifer Salari

Ken + Carmela Shirtcliff

Mark Stamler + Nora Takla

Alan + Patricia Wilson

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